Interested in joining Leadership Montezuma?

This two-year program is designed to expand citizen’s understanding of community resources, organizations and systems, as well as to promote engaged and informed community leaders. Each year, planners work to create an interesting, jam-packed day with focused sessions led by community leaders and subject matter experts from Montezuma County. The sample agendas will give you an idea of how your nine sessions may look next year.

Leadership Montezuma stimulates and fosters diverse viewpoints, resulting in innovative answers to critical questions facing our community. The program begins in September and class members meet each Thursday until May.

Class members experience 9 comprehensive days (the 3rd Thursday of each month, September through May. Typically from 8-4:30pm) that focus on a different segment of Montezuma County, including:

  • Water, Agriculture, and Natural Resources                 
  • Ute Mountain Ute Tribe                                      
  • Culture and Arts                                                     
  • Non-Profit Leadership, Board Training, and Leader Development                                                         
  • Education                                                                 
  • Health and Human Services                               
  • Public Safety                                                            
  • Local Government and Special Districts                       
  • Community Economics                                        

Leadership Montezuma is a 2 year commitment. Class members become the planners for the following year’s class, typically planning at least 2 sessions. Class members can choose to participate as class presidents or board members in year 2.

We encourage participants to get tuition support from their business or organizations; however each participant is personally responsible for a minimum payment of $50 of total tuition cost.

A critical factor in participant selection is identifying those individuals who are active in the community and are most apt to use their leadership knowledge and skills for the long-term benefit of Montezuma County.

Ready to join a Montezuma County tradition? Apply now!